Between Times

Greetings, dear readers.

IMG_6895We are in that week between the December holidays and the start of work in the New Year. It is a sweet little pocket of time – not quite here or there, but something else entirely. A time to look forward and back, a time to appreciate what we have and what we can give; a time when you might feel things you can’t quite name, but are grateful for all the same. 

The way the light of a mid-winter day falls on new snow is gift I didn’t know I needed until it arrived. The sight of a great blue heron gliding overhead on my afternoon walk is another. Jeweled beads on a necklace, these moments remind me that sometimes, to lift your heart, you just have to lift your eyes.



Readers, Happy New Year! I hope the year will bring you many great and small gifts when you lift your eyes. I will be looking up a lot this weekend – the local Christmas bird count will take place. It is always joyful to walk in the woods, to find the birds where they live, and know they are still there. Be well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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