Finding the Sun

Greetings, dear readers.

If, like me, you live in the US, we’ve had quite a week.

Because my leanings are not particularly political, the things that catch me stand out. I remember almost to the month and day when I became a politically aware person. It was during the summer of Watergate and I spent nearly every afternoon glued to the proceedings on television. Richard Nixon was responsible (among other things) for making me a politically-aware person. 

In the enormous flash-bang of the events of Wednesday January 6, perhaps there is the spark that will catch someone somewhere to become aware, to be awakened into who they will be.  

IMG_6926We are still in the after-tail of those events. We will move forward, reckon as we are able. I am – perhaps oddly – reminded of what happens after a tree falls in a healthy woodland. The younger trees emerge into the sunlight and grow stronger for it.

This beautiful black locust sits at the edge of a power company cut, limbs raised over the negligently dropped trunks of felled neighbors. 

Just far enough from the line to evade the chainsaws, it will broaden and grow outward, filling the gap in the community now in shambles under its canopy. 

Trees don’t ask what needs to be done – they just do it. 

Our communities are imbued with complexities that involve more than water, soil, and sunlight. Still – we know when there’s a need.

What if we each, in our way, make the offer to our communities – cook a meal, sing a song, tell a story, serve the good? Bringing better in small ways may help us all find the good in bigger ways.


Readers, in the aftermath of upheaval, I wish you strength and comfort. Connection is the antidote to fear and suspicion. May your circles be warm and strong. I wish you well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

6 thoughts on “Finding the Sun

  1. Thank you for this comforting post. I needed to be reminded that when a tree falls in the woodland “The younger trees emerge into the sunlight and grow stronger for it.”

    What a beautiful thought for this awful time!

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