Greetings, dear readers.

Have you ever noticed how winter shows the bones of a landscape?


This little pond has always been there – in summer it hides in a pocket of trees and foliage, all but invisible from the road. When I first saw it, years ago, spring had decorated the surrounding grounds with naturalized daffodils, leftovers from a homestead. I followed a trail of flowers and my intrepid husky down a slope under the trees and found the cool green spot. A doe bounded up from opposite the edge. Enchanting!

A couple years ago a gas company created the large cut I look across now, but thankfully left the little pond intact and shaded, still hidden in summer. I like knowing it is there when I can see it and when I can’t.

Readers, I hope your surroundings have some pops of revealed loveliness as we close out this year. Wishing you joy and health as we step into 2021. Be well and safe – I am ever grateful you are here!

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