Season’s Greetings

Greetings, dear readers!


It is Christmas and we have snow! The trees are laced with white and that peculiar silence of snowy days has wrapped a cozy blanket around everything. This meteorological feat has also decorated my decks with six inches of fluff, delighting the dogs who skid through it on their way to bounding through the drifts in the yard.

The birds fluffing their feathers at my feeder are more interested in calories than calendars; the suet and seed I put out is going fast. The cats watch from the windows nearby, fascinated, but content to be warm and to only have to wave a tail for their supper.

A warm house, a wrapping of snow, a light on the porch to lead someone home. May the lights of home be warm and bright for all.

Sending a wish that each of you is embraced in the warm circle of joy this holiday season.

Readers, I wish you Happy holidays, however you celebrate. Be well and safe – I am so grateful you have been with me this long year! 

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