Greetings, dear readers.

The season between Thanksgiving and the New Year is a busy time; for me it is also a time of contemplation. It is a time of many gifts.


Gifts like:

– Family gatherings, even if they are smaller or around a computer screen instead of in person.

– Connecting with friends, near and far, reaching a hand across years and miles.

– Finding ways to let loved ones know they are special, are seen, are kept at heart.

– Finding elements of home wherever you happen to be.

– Small thoughtful gestures that create a link to the brighter, warmer world you know can be.

It is the season when the world is often brighter and warmer because of the people in it. You are that person for someone. 

Readers, I hope the world is bright and warm at heart where you are. The image that accompanies this post is from the cover of a hand-made journal from Appalachian Paper Arts – so lovely and so beautifully made. It was a surprise that came in the mail, a delight I had in no way expected. Lagniappe! Be well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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