Sharing the Love

Greetings, dear readers.

I am going to make assumptions about you (bad habit, I know). I’m going to assume that because you are here you were looking for something to view or to read that would be a shift from the louder bits of what you see in internet space. And I thought, like me, you might want to see more things like that. There are a number of wonderful sites I’d like to share, and today I’m going to share two – treats of cyberspace and sweet to read!

A dip into my internet treats jar

The first is the Quiet Disruptors blog published by Sue Heatherington out of Wales in the UK. The postings are often brief, and invite the reader with words and images to a peaceful, thoughtful place in the day. It is a lovely respite at any time of the day. A recent post also contained a quote from TS. Eliot’s Little Gidding, which is such a favorite of mine I even inflict bits on it on my students.

The second is the Born Free Newsletter by Gail Boenning who invites the reader with images and warm essays and wonderfully spare poetry that gets into your thoughts and stays a while. Sometimes the images are of a marvelously expressive and free-spirited black Labrador named Henrietta. On the “About” page Gail says: You never know who might find a sparkle in the depths. Indeed! Born Free sparkles.

Both of these writers provide a welcoming space in the wilds of www-land. I am fortunate enough to have internet-met both of these accomplished writers and I hope you’ll take a look!

Readers, if you know of writer’s whose work you’d like to share – give a shout out in the comments! The more the merrier. I wish you well and safe and I am grateful you are here.

3 thoughts on “Sharing the Love

  1. I’m speechless Beverly! After reading heresaquarter yesterday I wondered how I might respond to such generous support. Heartfelt THANK YOU! is where I’ve landed. The feeling runs both ways. I am always delighted to receive your letters in my box! ❤️

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