Turning Season

Greetings, dear readers.

Summer still holds sway here, with heated days and a few thunderstorms to remind us that a summer rain can come with some oomph behind it. And yet …

There is no doubt that fall is on the way. Even the bindweed’s heart-shaped new leaves are a less insistent shade of green. Out by the highway, birches and aspen already shake handfuls of gold coins over the motorists who fly by.

The hard growing of summer is done and soon the trees will say thanks for a summer of sun by painting the hillsides in borrowed red and gold.

I am always grateful to witness their autumn bow.

Readers, I hope that summer is winding down easy for you. For anyone in the path of the gulf storms – take good care; my thought are with you. Be well and safe, everyone. I am grateful you are here.

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