Equal Time

Greetings, dear readers.

August is winding down and we’ve had a couple cooler days here, just enough to have the goldenrod on the hill waving a come hither fistful of pretty yellow panicles.

Since Ollie stole the limelight the other day, Chiquita has been angling for her shot – and for my pillow. This, in spite of the fact that her waggle-dance was the featured entertainment not long ago. She is nothing if not a show-stealer.

IMG_6554 2

She was in a wild mood this afternoon, chasing a ball back and forth in the living room as if it might escape, bouncing off of my knee occasionally to remind me that I was still on the pitcher’s mound. When she tired of that, she waited until I went to switch out a load of laundry to handily co-opt the warm spot on the couch.


Note the “Who, me?” expression.





Still, she is a teacher in her way. Joyous creature that she is, she does nothing 

halfway, from ball aerobics to cat food thievery. 

And she is a Zen master of sleep. 

I could do worse than learn to seize the moment with such abandon.





Readers, I hope there are a few carefree wags in your world. Be well and safe, I am grateful you are here.

2 thoughts on “Equal Time

    1. Thanks for telling me, Mary! I’m not sure what’s going on. There have been some backside changes at WordPress recently that seem to have made some parts glitchy.


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