Morning Peace

Greetings, dear readers.

Typically, I write these posts in the evening, sifting through the events of the day for a place for my thoughts to land. For a writer, a shift in perspective allows in a little extra “juice”.

So here I am on a summery morning, the heat of the day has not yet risen, but it is gathering. The air is a little damp, every spider has spun a web to catch dew. 

The birds are silent when I step out, nothing but a distant “chip!” from a sparrow somewhere. The only bird I see is one of the hummingbirds coming for a sip from the feeder.

The morning glories still spill across the deck. A few deer forage along the wooded edge. The day starts in peace.


Readers, wishing you peace to start and end your days. Be safe and well; I am grateful you are here.

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