Greetings, dear readers.

We humans have borders on our seasons, but nature is having none of that. By the calendar, summer runs another month, right past Labor Day and into the latter half of September. By the turn of leaf and earth, the changes are gliding up on us now. 

August sunflower

The berries that were just barely ripe at the end of June are gone by, the July wildflowers are all gone to seed, and the fall flowers are coming on. There is goldenrod in the far corner of the slope. The trees have started to loose their hold on their leaves – the greens are muted now and the occasional gold or red has appeared. Sunflowers now feed the birds who planted them.

Hummingbirds conduct aerial exercises over my feeder each day, jockeying for a sip of nectar, and a moment as lords and ladies of the perch. They are feeding heavily, making ready for the journey south.

As for me, the first cooler nights are a welcome shift from the heat. The mornings are muted, dark a little longer, quieter of bird song. This turning is slow and easy and promises the bounty of fall.

Readers, wishing you autumn peace. Be well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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