Greetings, dear readers.

A few days ago I had the kind of day you wouldn’t buy if it was discounted twice and came with a free pony and a pint of ice cream.

It was not pretty.

But I was lucky. That day – like most – had a little redemption baked in.

After having that day, I came home and stepped out onto the deck behind the house. The evening air was still. I was greeted by a patrolling dragonfly, who buzzed around and then lit on my shirt sleeve. The first time, she surprised me and I startled and she buzzed a few feet away.

Tiger Swtl
A dragonfly doesn’t wait for a phone camera, so this is one of the Tiger Swallowtail butterflies

But she came back. The second time she landed, just below my shoulder, we shared a look at each other; her large, green, all-seeing eyes met my confused human ones. She cocked her head, made her point, then lifted off, and moved on. I felt the whole world shift.

She seemed to release the loveliness in the evening.

After our moment, I was awake to the butterflies on the slope and the three hummingbird zipping in and out of view around my feeder, the cool evening air, the soft rumble of the cat at my feet.


It’s not every day a tiny spot-winged dragon tugs on your sleeve to remind you that there is beauty all around.

Readers, I hope your hard days are few, and do have moments of redemption. Be well and safe, I am grateful you are here.

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