Sunset musing

Greetings dear readers

This is a time of year with limits on the day, if not on the ambition for what might get done.

The flash of a 5 pm sunset is a reminder of the limits on daylight this time of year. On a street without lights, it means outdoor activity is time-strapped unless it will fit within the glow of a flashlight. This sometimes suits the hound in the family, being led more by nose than by eye.

For now – there is still enough light to see the silhouette of a wren in the little hackberry, waiting her turn at the suet, beak and tail cocked skyward, wings flicking. There is a sweetness to knowing she and the others can be fed by my simple effort.

Readers, I hope your autumn has been a season of warmth and beauty. I was away to work on other projects. Be well and safe; I am grateful you are here.

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