Alta voce

Greetings, dear readers.

In my nascent Italian I have learned that ‘alta voce’ means out loud. It’s that time of year. Time to be heard, no matter how you usually use your voice.

It is voting season.

November 3 is Election Day. This year, for public and private safety, many will vote early or vote by mail, so – in essence – the polls are already open.

Open for the older person who can’t get out. For the younger person who will be at work. For the person who will have surgery the week before and will be recovering. For the new parents who never know what the day will bring. For the person whose health depends on limiting contact with strangers. For the person far from home who still wants to acknowledge civic responsibility.

I am grateful there is room for all these voices to be heard. A nation that empowers voting, empowers its citizens to take part. That is the country I want to live in.

Readers, this election season, I hope you will use your voices. Out loud. On purpose. With purpose. All voices deserve to be heard. Be well and safe. I am grateful you are here.

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