Walking into Fall

Greetings, dear readers.

A week or so into the new season, the nights and days are cooling and there are hints that full on Autumn is about to begin.

Fall is a season of delightful contrasts. The sun and cool days make walking a pleasure. A soft rain in the afternoon creates a space for reading and contemplation.

Last month’s blooms are now gone to pods and seeds.

Food for next year’s butterflies is hiding in this puff of milkweed seeds about to fly.

And the few maple leaves underfoot will soon be full plenty, as they shed their summer dresses to feed the soil and go into winter sleep.

New birds show up at the feeder, moving through to new grounds. A rose-breasted grosbeak and his mate delighted us one day. The hummingbirds have gone, heading south.

The season steps forward and I am grateful to witness each step.

Readers, I hope autumn days are treating you well. Be well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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