Small Wonders

IMG_6424Greetings, dear readers

The last few days have been special here around Heresaquarter because, along with July heat and some pop-up storms, butterflies have arrived. After weeks of wondering where all the large butterflies were, I have seen five species in just a few days, most of them right behind my house.

It is lovely to see fritillaries, monarchs, and swallowtails flying again. In the heat and a dry wind, they often move too fast for me to photograph. I have managed a few lucky snaps, like this one, showing the brilliantly patterned underwings of a fresh Black Swallowtail.

Less difficult to photograph, a delicate Queen Anne’s lace presented this sweet umbrella, fresh and white. If you look carefully, you will see this throne is not unoccupied. Like nearly all QAL I have photographed, there is a tiny crab spider hiding among the flowers.


Nature never disappoints.

Readers, I hope there are hidden wonders in your world. If you haven’t found the spider – look at “9 o’clock” . I hope you are well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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