Grace notes

Greetings, dear readers.

gracenoteThis has been a taxing day, in multiple ways. It felt like grace was hard to come by.

I was gifted an overabundance: Too many Zooms (4) over too many hours (also 4). Too many outside appointments (3) requiring driving too many miles (36 mi). Too many tasks (5) over too few hours (2). Too many emails (14) to respond to, dealing with kind people (6) and annoyed people (7), some of which were the same people (2). And I still have to finish my taxes (WAY too many numbers). I actually love numbers and I’ve about had it with the numbers. It feels like the number of the beast will be next.

At least the actual beasts who live in my house (4) are happy enough to share it with me. At the moment the two dogs are sleeping in their usual stacked position next to me, the younger cat is washing his face in the window seat, and the older one is lounging on his favorite blanket. I am content to breathe a minute before I go back to wrestling with tax software and fencing-by-email.

People are doing the best they can, including me. The taxes I am asked to pay will go at least in part to make sure some number of my fellow persons are housed, and fed and safe. That’s grace enough for this moment.

Readers, I hope there were grace notes in your day. Be safe and well, I am grateful you are here.

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