Roadside Report

Greetings, dear readers.

Here is today’s ‘roadside report’ from my small world.

After some rainy weeks, we’ve had some days of warm sun and the daisies on the meadowy slope behind my house have burst into full bloom, popping up in big white bunches all across the hillside.

I took advantage of the sunny day and walked a little earlier, and finally solved a mystery.

I have seen these plants often on my walks over the years and have photographed their handsome leaves. I had no idea what they were; some type of ivy I assumed. Not quite.

Some determined googling this evening (it amuses me that that is now a verb) finally scored with Dioscorea oppositifolia L. – aka, cinnamon vine, or air potato. It is a vine in the sweet potato family. Like many of the roadside plants I see, it is not native and can be a pest.

It’s a pest that hangs its heart on its sleeve, and who can resist a rapscallion bearing valentines?

Readers, I hope there are some unexpected valentines in your world. Be well and safe. Your comments are always welcome and I am grateful you stopped by here today.

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