These Gifts

Have you ever had a day when all the gifts around you are suddenly in focus?

It’s not the big things I mean here – new jobs or new homes or new love. Not those. Those are awesome – and they don’t happen everyday.

I mean the gifts that do – the person who looks up and smiles when you hold the door for them; the goofy way your dog acts like she won the Oscar when you give her a treat; blue skies on a sunny day; a chance to chat with a colleague you don’t see very often. Every little thing.

They’re all gifts. They all count. And they’re all around us every day.

Your presence here today, dear reader, is a gift to me. I am grateful. What gifts have you found waiting for you today?

N.B. – I know that some days feel like ugly dark no-gift days. If you’re having one of those days – I am sorry and I wish you better days ahead. Just because your day isn’t all sunshine and pickles doesn’t mean you aren’t doing it right. Maybe the gifts are waiting for you another time; maybe you aren’t ready to receive whatever gifts might be there right now. They’ll be there when you are.

Yes – I’ve been away awhile. And I am here now. I’m glad you are, too. I promise to be back again soon.

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