Amuse Pooch

Greetings, dear readers. I know – you’re probably thinking, “What the heck? Amuse pooch?”

Actually it’s “amuse pooch”, as in the French. Like “amuse bouche“, those tiny little nibbles to start a meal; only it’s for – oh, yes – the DOG.

Here’s the story: My little Chiquita (AKA Pogo Shark, Miss Chickie, Kiki-boo, The Terrierist) is a Jack Russell/dachshund mix. She is small, adorable, ferociously energetic, smart, loyal, loving, and funny as all get out. She is also a slightly picky eater. Well… she is somewhat picky around her own bowl. Around anyone else’s – she’ll dive right in. So, even if she is hungry enough to sneak my food, cat food, or Olive’s food, she will curl up in royal repose and ignore her own enticingly prepared bowl of kibble mixed with the yummy, squishy, strong-smelling canned stuff they love.

In the effort to get her to eat on time one evening, I got some of the canned food from the spoon onto my finger and extended it toward her nose. She lapped it up and trotted over to her bowl. And, thus, the amuse pooch was born. Now she almost always waits for me to present her with this little pre-treat before she will show any interest in her food. So I do it every day, twice a day, when it’s time to feed the dogs. I fix up the bowls, I give her a little taste, and she happily chows down. Olive, on the other hand does not need enticement. She will happily apply face to food any time she gets the chance. Yes, I am crazy about my critters. How could these faces not be worth it?


Yes – I’ve been away awhile. And I am here now. I’m glad you are, too. I promise to be back again soon.

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