Words Fail. Again.

Greetings, HaQ readers.

I have a hard confession for someone who writes every week: right now I don’t know what to say.

2017-10-08 11.26.47

On this blog, I try to keep my focus close and my thoughts broad. This space is meant to be warm and inclusive. A respite from divisive things.

And I’m having trouble keeping off the divide right now. My thoughts keep returning to a concert venue in Las Vegas. Innocent people listening to music, gunned down by a stranger who appeared to crave carnage. The shooting was deliberate. That’s all that’s known of the motive. I don’t understand that kind of evil. I do understand that someone who harbored those thoughts should not have been able to act on them.

We are a great and good nation of many well-meaning individuals doing the best they can. When we act together for the benefit of all, we are a mighty force for great and good things. Let’s act on that.

Stay tuned for more on the Here’s a Quarter blog next week! As always, your thoughts and comments are always welcome – they are moderated (I know – adulting again), so they may take a little while to appear, but I read them all and appreciate that you were here. Thank you!

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