Walking With Whimsy

Greetings, dear readers.

While walking the road on a gorgeous near-fall afternoon, I found whimsy walking with me.

blue mistflower

This delightful confection is blue mistflower (Conoclinium coelestinum), not surprisingly also called blue boneset. I wrote about the white version a few posts back. These are a close replica in lilac, with longer eyelashes and a softer look. 

Like many of the wildflowers that I’ve finally taken notice of, I’ve seen these before, but had never stopped to appreciate them – their delicate color, their intricacy, the fact that they are full compound flowers, as are all of the asters, from these tiny puffs to full-on sunflowers. 

It feels like a little magic, revealed next to the road, where anyone might see.

Readers, I hope there’s a little magic in your world today. Be well and safe – I am grateful you are here.

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