An Appreciation

Greetings, dear readers.

It’s Labor Day in the US. A day meant to commemorate the contributions of the workforce to society, it has special meaning today. This year has been an extraordinary one for a number of reasons. I am more grateful than ever for the efforts of so many unsung contributors to my way of life:_AMM3497

The postal carriers, delivery service drivers, and all the people who support them in their work. Because of them, I have received goods I needed and things I wanted to help the time or my work go easier.

The grocery store shoppers who put together my weekly orders and brought them to my home or to my car, without fail, with only one error in all these months. Because of them, I had good meals and my pets had a treat now and then, and I was able to do my own work without worrying about the shopping.

The warehouse workers who pulled countless orders for me when I was getting every scrap of pet food and flour and tech supplies (and a few books) by mail order because it was impossible to find otherwise. Because of them, I could make bread and feed the dogs and teach a class and do all with some measure of ease.

The tech warriors who keep Zoom and online networks and every form of communication going. They’ve been my lifeline. Because of them, I can teach my classes and see my family and learn new things and connect to a special creative community that has been my haven.

All of these and many more have been the keepers ofour lifelines. They have carried us all – I am so grateful.

Readers, I thank you for the work you do, there are so many ways you contribute to those around you. I hope you’re keeping well and safe; I am grateful you are here.

2 thoughts on “An Appreciation

  1. Beverly,

    Your letters are like a fleece blanket on a cool autumn eve! Thank you. I’m sharing a link to: gratitude space anthology . It seems to me that this letter would be a great addition to Chris Palmore’s project–a simple copy/paste submission. 🙂 Thought of you today at lunch when my kid told me how much he thinks he is going to enjoy his bio/genetics class. I asked….”Medicine?” Hope you have enjoyed the weekend!

    I/Thou, Gail

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