August Walkabout

Greetings, dear readers.

After several weeks of hot, wet weather, we had a cooler afternoon to go walkabout. I wandered my customary haunts up the hill and found the stands of oddball yellow asteracea that I had the devil of a time keying out. After cycling through several possible names, I finally landed on large flowered leafcup, Polymnia uvedalia. One of its other names is bear’s foot, I would imagine for the out-sized leaves. However we call them, they are blooming and attracting a whole host of followers.

Like this little native bee:

And a tiny dark skipper (possibly a Dun Skipper, they are notoriously difficult to ID):

The final visitor, too far away to photograph, was a well-worn female black swallowtail, blue skirts flashing. Her hindwings were still showy, but the forewings were tattered and almost see-through. It is amazing how something so delicate can be battered and still flit from flower to flower and then lift off into the woods.

It certainly makes me stop and think about the whinging I’m willing to do on occasion. What can there be to whine about when there are still butterflies and flowers to learn from?

Readers, I hope the season brings treasures where you are, too. The comments are always open, they are moderated and I read every one. Be safe and well, I am grateful you are here.

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