Lovely, Dark, and Deep

Greetings, dear readers.

You may recall the words of the title are in a famous poem by Robert Frost, describing the woods on a snowy evening. The poem has been interpreted a number of way. What resonates for me is the idea that the beauty of the woods is alluring and the traveler would love to explore. It is certainly not snowy here right now, but the summer woods are lovely, too.

On an overcast day, even hours before nightfall, these nearby woods are thick enough to be deeply shaded, hiding deer, wildflowers, raccoons and possums, and even a fox, now and then. There is something miraculous about just knowing they are there.

Not all the treasures there are completely hidden. On my brief walk today I was delighted to find a few ripe berries, not quite hidden.

Not even a handful, but three ripe raspberries are a treat to be savored.

Readers, I hope there are treasures where you walk today. Be well and safe; I am grateful you are here. Your thoughts and comments are welcome – they are moderated, so it can take a little time for them to appear.

2 thoughts on “Lovely, Dark, and Deep

  1. Hi Beverly,
    I love this and especially…that first picture. Where I live now, there are no forests like that but I remember that darkness and that feeling of it being scary in there. I’ve looked at this picture a few times since you sent this. I always love to read your writing. Thank you for sharing your words and your photographs.

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