Solstice musings

Greetings, dear readers.

Summer is rising and we are enjoying the longest days of the year in the northern hemisphere. As spring gives way to summer, flowers give way to fruit. I found the first ripe raspberry of the year on my walk, one tiny pearl of distilled sunlight. The roadside crop will be slim this year – road crews cut the canes last fall and these bushes bear on second-year wood.

Nature has no interest in my plans or expectations, whether I’m looking for berries to sprinkle on my cereal, or thinking that an afternoon shower will hold off long enough for me to finish my walk. And sometimes defying expectation goes to truly astonishing lengths.

This is the base of twinned locust trees, skirted with poison ivy vines. The trunk on the right rises straight and solid. The one on the left has a large open crack that you can see all the way through and it runs at least five feet up the center of the trunk. If I told you that one of these trunks ends in a dead snag and the other in a relatively healthy crown, you would expect the cracked tree to be dead. It is not.

Somehow the crack hasn’t stopped the crown from growing and whatever struck the top of its twin did not stop this tree. I don’t know what is holding the tree together, and luckily, it is not dependent on my understanding. It just stands and doesn’t worry how.

Nature had a bit of a laugh at me today. I think she deserves her fun. 

Wishing you peace upon the solstice and cheers to all who father, mentor, coach, and create families with love on Father’s Day. Keep safe and well; I am grateful you are here. 

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