“Tour de Plants”

Greetings, dear readers.

To get a little exercise once the workday is done I walk the same route nearly every day and I have become familiar with what grows where, visiting them to see their progress through the growing season. I realized that this means my walks have now become the Tour de Plants. 

Here’s what’s happening this week: The wild rasperry is blooming, a regular stand of pink wild roses isn’t far behind; the black locust tree bloom is starting to fade, and redbud has long gone by, the tiny pink blooms replaced with big heart-shaped leaves a surprising shade of bullfrog green. Ferns are becoming the come-hither maidens of the underbrush.

Several days ago I learned a new plant:

This is Carolina cranesbill (Geranium carolinianum), a true denizen of this area. This group of plants is tucked into a roadside, nearly hidden by a gigantic run of naturalized asiatic lillies. This clump is about the size of a laundry basket and the foliage is dense and intricate. The flowers are so tiny and delicate I almost missed them entirely.



These two are so tiny they could rumba on my thumbnail and have room to spare. The plant world is full of wonders I am glad to have stopped to see.








Here’s wishing you wonders in your days, readers. Be safe and well. I welcome your comments and I am grateful you’re here.

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