Looking light-ward

Ah, dear readers –

Today was one of those days that you trip over and just keep falling. I decided to let the ugly stuff go and focus here instead:


This is flowering dogwood, Cornus florida (iPhone, uncropped).

Dogwoods are native trees and they can be seen with branches full of pretty white blooms all around the woods near me.  I could go on about all the varieties of this lovely tree that are used as ornamentals, and the sweet varieties of color but –

This one small tree, with one pink-tipped white bract glowing in the sun above a few perfect young leaves is all I needed to know of spring today.

Readers, I hope your days always have a spark of sweetness. Your comments and questions are always welcome – I read them all and I am grateful you are here.

3 thoughts on “Looking light-ward

  1. I love dogwoods. Their branches are long and springy, so when a slight breeze blows through the branches move around ever so slightly. This makes a tree is in full bloom seem to shimmer to me.

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