Found Flowers

Greetings, dear readers.

Spring continues here at HaQ HQ and this seems to be the week for tiny purple wildflowers. On my walk today I found two species of dead nettles (these aren’t nettles, don’t sting, and are related to mint) and this little beauty.

Creeping Charlie

This is Creeping Charlie, also known as Ground Ivy, Glechoma hederacea. It’s tiny. The leaves are no bigger than a thumbnail and the blooms look like miniaturized purple orchids. It’s delicate size is a bit deceiving. It can be invasive because it propagates both by seed and by runners and it has a wide reach. In my area, people swear when it gets into their lawns.

Given that I once cordoned off an entire section of the yard so that a random run of Meadow Pinks could bloom in peace, I am not too worried about a bit of violet thuggery that doesn’t reach the top of my running shoes. This is why my yard also has runs of violets, spring beauties, and some renegade oregano that escaped the herb bed and pops up in odd places. The neighbors may think I’m crazy, but I can live with that, along with the flowers I won’t call weeds.

Wishing all who celebrate a warm and blessed Passover and Easter. I hope you are all safe and well and enjoying the beauty around you. All comments and questions welcome! I read them all and always appreciate that you are here.


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