May I have your intention, please …

Greetings, dear readers.

I know –  that title almost sounds like the start of  another one of the endless online meetings many of us attend now.  (Seriously, I think I was on video platforms for about fifteen hours last week and my computer did a face palm when it saw the schedule for next week.)

mindful crop

Individuals and communities are going through unprecedented changes so that all may be kept safe and well. It’s disturbing and disorienting and it feels wrong, even if you know you’re doing the right thing by NOT doing the usual things right now. The requirement that we pull back and think carefully about what we really need is unfamiliar. And maybe not entirely unwelcome.

An email from – of all things – a florist made me ponder this. The term he used was “forcing function”. That’s apparently what you call a routine that requires deliberate attention to complete. It sounds a bit unpleasant, like some kind of coercion, but all it means is that you have to be aware while doing it. Hmm. Which implies that sometimes we aren’t. Hmm again.

Because all my old patterns are broken, awareness, attention, and intention have cropped up in my daily doings. There is a certain peace in being intentional about every need, every purchase, every action. I am finding that because my old habits won’t work and I can’t do things without thought, I do each with more intent and attention. As a result, I do many of them better, often in less time. And I’m only doing what really needs to be done, and using resources carefully while doing it. That does make you think – what was I doing before?

Times of stress are hard; they throw sharp borders between what is important and what is not. I have put my finger on that line. This time is an invitation to be mindful of it. To be grateful for the reminder. And to be intentional in how I move forward, even after restrictions end.

I hope we will all move forward from this soon, together, with a clear sense of community and purpose, and a will for the greater good.

I am grateful you have spent some of your time here today. All comments and questions are welcome. Be well and safe, dear readers!


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