Greetings, HaQ readers! As you know by now, I tend to trip over my topics just in the course of ordinary life, and this week is no different. I was thinking about “sharing”. It’s one of those things we know from childhood, that we teach kids as they move out into the world of friends and siblings. I don’t have kids of my own to teach, but I am blessed with eight nieces and nephews in various sibling pairs. They are all incredible young people and I could play the doting aunty that I am and do a bit of – ahem – over-sharing here. However, I will not. (I heard that.)

I will tell just one story: Gorgeous Niece #3 (who is now a freshman in college) was a little over two years old when she gained a little brother and the opportunity to “share”. She realized quickly that this was not always fun, but that it was a two-way street. Thereafter, if you were doing something interesting – like eating candy – she would come and park her adorable self in  your lap, then cock her head and hold out a hand and say “Shaaaaaare?” Who could resist?

shareAs kids we often need to be prodded to share the goodies – candy, or a seat, or a toy. We learn as we get older that with sharing comes connection. It is sweet. As adults, we think we get better at it and, in many ways, we are. We easily share a bag of chips, or half a candy bar, or a bench. We hand around a plate of cookies without even thinking about it. We donate time and money, we give material goods, we offer expertise and advice. I know you have shared much.

But tell me, my dear readers – do you share the best of yourselves? Do you share what is dearest to you and who you are? Do you have a show of your paintings, or plan a reading of your latest screenplay? Do you take your beautiful handmade jewelry to a local shop and say “Would you be interested?” Have you shared with those close to you? Or even with the world? That can be a little harder. And when you do it, it is a little scary. I have been there.

I did some grown-up sharing this week. I went to a local writers’ forum, and signed up to read at the open mic portion. I stood up in front of about 25 people and who knows how many shoppers at a local bookstore and I read one of the stories from my new collection. Out loud.  For the first time in public. Among the audience were one good friend, four local authors of note and one gentleman I’d heard interviewed on NPR the day before. I did my best not to think about it – I just stood up and put my words out into the air. At the end I smiled, said thank you, and sat down. There was applause, a few said kind words, and other people were smiling, too. I shared.

Holy moly. I shared.

Yes. It is a little scary … And it is seriously fun.

So how about you, my dears – I know you have crazy good things to put out into the world …. Shaaaare?

Really – will you share? If you have put yourself and your creativity out into the world, I’d love to hear about it! Leave a note in a comment below and I will absolutely check it out – pinky swear and promise. 🙂

Stay tuned for more on the Here’s a Quarter blog next week! As always, your thoughts and comments are always welcome – they are moderated (I know – adulting again), so they may take a little while to appear, but I read them all and appreciate that you were here. Thank you!

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