Here’s a Quarter…

New series: Here goes!

2016-04-06 18.07.12No one ever tells you adulthood is a moving target – you find out when you never get there. I have been saying “when I grow up” for approximately 45 years. It’s probably safe to assume it either already has, or never will happen. I do not know which. Maybe this is a good thing. Maybe not. Either way, it’s my thing – so I’m owning it.

Let’s run the numbers: I am 57, 5’2″ high, and slightly wider than is recommended (You didn’t seriously think I was going to volunteer that number, did you?) I have been an academic for over 20 years, or all my life, depending on who and what you ask. I’m tenured and mildly (or freakishly) burnt out (again depending on who and what you ask). I have been a writer since I could print with a log-sized pencil on manila paper with those wide-spaced lines. I would sit in the back of the station wagon on family road trips and write haiku. (Yes, I grew up before seat belts and bike helmets were a thing. And lived to tell about it.) I’ve kept a journal more or less continuously since I was twelve. I have seven novels and rafts of shorter works in various stages of completion. Blame NaNoWriMo or my imagination or both.

So here I am deciding to start another “thing” – whatever it’s going to turn out to be. We’ll just start with the random downloads and see where it goes. Or doesn’t. Maybe this is a moving target, too.

Hang around – this might get interesting. You can even hit the “follow” button at the bottom right corner. No spam – pinky swear.

PS. Yes – the title is from that song by Travis Tritt (check it out – he’s fun to listen to []. I chose it because each of these posts started out as a fifteen minute download of whatever I was thinking on the day. So – here’s a quarter (hour) 2-bits of my thoughts, I do care, and I hope you find a little light in here, too.


6 thoughts on “Here’s a Quarter…

  1. This sounds like so much fun, Beverly. It has been a long time since I last heard ‘2 bits” – and as I find myself flying faster downhill, your theme hits a homer.


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